racial diversity

Racial diversity on campuses : The Adversity-Diversity Tango

There is good news ahead for those college administrators (that means all college administrators) who want to ensure they create the perfect racial diversity mix on college campuses.  While the specific use of race may not be used as a determining factor for college admissions, there are, shall we say, rules and then there are rules.

2020 Presidential elections

Why 2020 Elections will be a victory for the Republican President?

Another round of elections for President of the United States is less than 2 years away. Two years of Trump Administration have been followed by impeachment narrative and serious accusations, while some of his achievements have been left neglected. Despite the big win of Democrats in midterms 2018 and their recently established majority in House of Representatives, odds are that US people might opt for a Republican president in 2020 again. The article seeks to outline why a vote for a Republican serves the best interest of the country.


Jihadist terrorists strike Sri Lanka: political division and intelligence failure

On Easter Sunday morning, April 21, Jihadist terrorists attacked Sri Lanka in a series of coordinated actions that resulted in 253 people dead. The attacks were favored by religious fractionalization and a political division that led to a failure in intelligence and security services. This scenario was a structure of political opportunity for an already well-established terror platform that combined support networks, wealthy coordinators and executors, local and international connections, and an efficient mixture of material and human resources. In this report, we give you a summarized account of what happened, the domestic political factors that favored the attacks, and an analysis of the actors, connections, and networks needed for the disastrous result.

Transgender athletes

Should Male-Born Transgender Athletes be Allowed to Compete on Girls’ Teams?

It’s interesting how social advancements often lead to new social challenges. Case in point – Transgender participation in sports. Two recent events have surfaced in the news lately, although you won’t find mainstream media covering thetransgender athletes, for some reason.
First, in Connecticut, two transgender athletes took first and second place in the girls’ state track meet. Andraya Yearwood, a 17-year old biological male who self-identifies as a female, won second place in the 55-meter sprint, with a time of 7.01 seconds. The third place sprinter, who is a biological female, finished at a significantly slower 7.23 seconds. Terry Miller, the other male-born, transgender athlete at the meet, finished first, blowing away state records for this girls’ event, with a blazing fast 6.95 seconds.

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