Lindsey Graham: Man With A Spine

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Lindsey Graham: Man With A Spine

Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican Senator from South Carolina, the same man that once called Donald Trump a Jackass, may have saved President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Graham mostly a calm likable figure, completely transformed during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings before voting to ratify Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Senator Graham became the most outspoken Republican and defended Kavanaugh from the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that arose amidst his nomination. This has thrust Sen. Graham into the spotlight as a potential replacement to Jeff Sessions in President Trump’s cabinet. Although, Graham has denied that he is seeking to become part of the Trump team and will instead seek re-election in 2020. Graham has picked up a fair share of enemies on the liberal side and many conservatives sing his praises and may look to him as a new strong fixture within the Republican party. Before we get any further though let’s take a look at how Senator Lindsey Graham got to where he is today. To see then how he can become a major political figure within the Republican party in the following years!

Who is Senator Lindsey Graham?

Senator Lindsey Graham is an attorney from South Carolina who served in the United States Air Force after his graduation from law school. He served as a private practice attorney until he was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives 1992. A few years later he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives until 2002 when he decided to run for the Senate seat he holds to this day! He has had multiple run-ins with President Donald Trump. That was in large part due to the fact that Graham ran for President against Trump in the Republican primary. In an interview during the primary campaigns the aforementioned Jackass comments occurred. He also heavily criticized President Trump for his comments against Republican Senator John McCain.

Kavanaugh Hearing, You’re Suppose To Be Bill Cosby”

In an interview following the hearings, Sen Graham addressed his actions in defense of Brett Kavanaugh saying,

Lindsey Graham
Related Article: Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, U.S., September 27, 2018. Tom Williams/Pool via REUTERS

People on the left say, “What happened to Lindsey Graham?” Not a damn thing. To people on the right, “I will continue to be bipartisan. But I am a conservative, and I will stand up for my friends.”

Graham was irate at his left counterparts. He questioned why Democrat senators held the information they had on Kavanaugh allegedly molesting Dr. Ford for around more than 90 days and to present it only after the committee hearing process complete. Senator Graham certainly didn’t appreciate the fact that they ignored Dr. Ford’s requests to remain anonymous. During the confirmation hearing, he commented, “If this becomes the new standard, where you have an accusation for weeks, you drop it right before the hearing, you withhold from the committee a chance to do this in a professional, timely fashion when they publicly say that their goal is to delay the vote  I don’t want to reward that kind of behavior,” in regards to Democrats holding Dr. Ford’s statements.

Graham had come under scrutiny from the left for his comments towards Dr. Ford before her hearing. In which he said that her statement would essentially not change his vote no matter what was exposed. It seems like Senator Graham, the man with a spine was standing firm on his support for Judge Kavanaugh regardless of what came of Dr. Ford testimony.

Democrats Reaction:

The Democrat leaders have to be kicking themselves with this missed opportunity. They failed in derailing the vote and now Justice Kavanaugh is set to sit on the Supreme Court. Not only that but in an era where reality stars run the country they were unable to produce a single star from this hearing. Not only that they may have given pro-Trump candidates the firepower to launch attacks at them for launching “Witch Hunts” against conservatives. Even actress Alyssa Milano present at the hearings recognized this. She said:”I felt like the Democrats didn’t really know how to respond to that rage in a way that was effective and impactful.”

Milano a known adversary of Trump’s back from his celebrity days as the owner of the Miss Universe pageant told the Hollywood Reporter. The fact that her political opinion is now held in high regard and featured in major publications like the Huffington Post and the Hollywood Reporter is a testament to the type of political landscape we live in today. Precisely why this could be a big missed opportunity for Democrats that could have consequences come November!

The Impact of Sen Lindsey Graham on Proceedings

As we had anticipated in the days leading up to the vote Kavanaugh was set to be confirmed by the Republican majority. That was largely due to the fact that none of the allegations presented against Kavanaugh raised enough doubts to possibly involve him in a potential legal battle with any of the accusers. Senator Graham has energized his Republican colleagues. Due to his inspiring leadership and unwavering support for his party’s nomination, he played a significant role in holding the party together during this strangely difficult and uncertain time. Lindsey Graham’s statements could provide a push for conservatives heading into the elections. With Kavanaugh as the martyr that was viciously attacked by power-thirsty liberals. Senator Graham has announced that although he is not currently up for re-election he is willing to campaign alongside with his Republican counterparts. We need more of Senator Graham that we saw in the last meeting.

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