2020 elections: Is HRC planning on running and will she lose?

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Will she or won’t she run in 2020 Elections?

Hillary Clinton has been hinting that she’s the best choice for president, but might not want to run in 2020. Unless of course, she does run again. For the Democratic party, the day the Clinton candidacy ended, the Clinton nightmare began.

Since the 2016 campaign ended, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated herself to be a singularly extraordinary former presidential candidate  extraordinary only in the sense that no ex-candidate has ever been worse.”

Do Democrats regret getting behind her in 2016? We’ll never know. But Dems do regret Clinton trying to get behind them in 2018. And unfortunately for the Democratic Party, Clinton says anyone telling her to go away is just sexist.

2016- When the Election was Hers to Lose and She Did

Hillary Clinton’s last presidential bid was framed by media as being unlosable. There was no other possible outcome than a Clinton presidential victory after the polls closed. The New York Times stated bluntly Clinton had an 85% chance of victory against Donald Trump  and thePrinceton Election Consortium gave her a 99% edge in the electoral race against the Republican ticket.

If the election was decided in donations, Clinton brought in close to double what the Republican ticket did. Even her opponent Donald Trump factored in the idea of a concession speech on election night for after the votes came in.

Was there anyone that wasn’t conceding a Clinton Victory? Everything from funding to endorsements made Donald Trump look like a paper candidate.

If the 2016 election was hers to lose then Hillary lost may have lost this election in 1999 when she convinced President Clinton to bomb Serbia. Hillary Clinton’s name on the ballot caused an “anyone but Clinton” backlash in the blue states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and to a degree in Pennsylvania among the Serbian Diaspora.

An American Serb generally doesn’t vote FOR anyone, but AGAINST a Biden, a Clinton, a McCain, against whoever Madeleine Albright supports, against whoever bombed Serbia, recognized Kosovo.” The article shows there are voting blocs in America and they are extremely issue-oriented when it comes to their homelands.

And the results spoke for themselves as the Serbian Diaspora gave Donald Trump Wisconsin by 27,000 votes. The Serb-American voting bloc was probably why Clinton refused to visit the state.

Because Clinton had the election sewn up, her support was tepid in the three states where she needed it the most. Hillary Clinton, true to form, defeated herself in 2016.

The Washington Post sums it up well.

“Clinton seems committed to a personal Groundhog Day, in which she adds not new talents and feats of heroism but fresh targets to blame for her destiny denied.”

The 2018 mid-terms show why Trump wants Clinton in 2020 elections

Team-Clinton hasn’t let their foot off the gas pedal one iota since losing the election either. Advisors like Adam Parkhomenko and Alexandra Chalupa have been firmly behind the Russian interference saga. At every turn since her loss, Clinton operatives have been swinging at president Donald Trump.

Two years of Russiagate, the oppo-research staffed DNC hacking, and the impeach-Trump movement are yielding their first fruits in 2018 as Republicans run their midterm elections against Hillary Clinton no matter who is on the ballot against them. At least three candidates have released attack ads against Clinton. By focusing on Clinton in 2018, conservatives can fire up their base keeping all the unwarranted Democratic attacks on Donald Trump front and center. Anyone and everyone that has been close to Hillary Clinton through the last election cycle could end up with the electability of an “anyone but Clinton,…”.

Trying to keep Clinton around means Trump will have to endure the Russiagate theatrics a little longer. But watching Hillary destroy Democratic hopeful after Democratic hopeful to justify her existence and career has her looking like the Lord of the Rings Gollum in 2020 elections, it’s precious.

The other benefit is just by herself, she can keep the Democratic party on a hard nationalist footing. What do I mean? Antifa 2016 and onward are a direct result of that. Some of Clinton’s supporters were literally in WWII Nazi uniforms for the 2017 Women’s March in New York. While it’s an anomaly, the hard nationalist politic is not.

Why Democrats Don’t Want Hillary

When a candidate like Clinton is handed everything they need to win the big seat and manage to lose because of who they are, it’s time to try and find a winner. Democrats know that as long as she is around or can be conjured into the election race, the odds of a Democratic ticket winning are as good as Clinton winning Wisconsin with a strong ethnic coalition there.

“For the Democratic Party, about the best that can come of this latest Clinton revival is that no matter how unpalatable any of its leading lights Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Cory Booker, or others are individually, they’ll look like downright appealing the longer Hillary hangs about.”- Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.

This sentiment is picking up steam to such a degree in Democratic circles, pretty soon they’ll be demanding Mueller indict her for being a Putin troll. Articles such as “A Formal Request For Hillary Clinton to Go Sit Her Ass Down Somewhere” make it clear that the Clinton image has been tainted to the point where the acid-tongued insults formerly reserved for president Trump, have now made their way back home to Hillary.

Democrats hope sacrificing Clinton clears the air and ends Bernie Sanders presidential aspirations as well. The last thing they want is a replay of “Bernie or Bust” in the 2020 elections after taking great pains to make sure Sanders wouldn’t make it out of the 2016 primary race.

Why Hillary in 2020 elections is a Loser

At this point, I think the only person that would consider putting serious money into a Hillary 2020 campaign could be Donald Trump. If she made it out of the primaries this time, Trump could save money on his candidacy and win big by asking her about Ukrainian influence.

Any candidate she endorses will lose because of their proximity to her. Potential candidates like John Kerry won’t fare any better. The Democratic Party walked away from its centrist base and into a virulent form of nationalism that opposes the fabric of American culture. The progressive strand of the party sees very little in common with the Clintonesque warmongering of the Obama era either.

In short, there is no replacement platform available to build party unity on and no visible candidate to back. As an example, up and comer Christ Murphy from CT is another beneficiary and one of the heirs of the Clinton legacy.

Instead of acknowledging her defeat, Clinton continually tries to mire the Democratic party in the muddiness of all that can happen in elections. She divided the Democratic party during the primaries and horrified the entire country by stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Clinton people started the Russian troll lists like propornot against journalists and websitesthat are primarily Democratic or progressive.They are branding conservatives in the same light. News websites that publish real news and political opinion are what she wanted shut down as being deplorable.

All of this will be 2020 headlines with any candidate close to Clinton running, once again destroying any hope the Democrats could have.

Why Trump won’t indict Hillary Clinton

As soon as Hillary Clinton gets indicted everything would get reset to November 9, 2016. All the hate and ill will that formed that day would reform on because of her indictment. Donald Trump knows if he ordered an investigation of Clinton directly, the rancid politics that surfaced after his election would multiply and the sorry example of Clintonesque deep-state sedition would never end.

Investigating Clinton has the possibility of doing more harm than good in the political environment we are currently entering. Later, when things settle down the possibility still remains fairly remote that Clinton will be investigated for conspiring with the Ukrainian Diaspora to overturn the election.

Or that Clinton used foreign Intel to do that as well as Information Operations surrounding Russian interference and hacking operations. Or that the Ukrainian Diaspora (a 5013c) paid for this through the Atlantic Council.

If Hillary Clinton was investigated for these things and indicted, while it might publicize them, the DNC could walk away from her criminality to a degree. Eventually, more likely reasonably quickly, the story would be swept under the rug anyway.

Hillary Clinton in jail would have close to the same effect as a jailed Yulia Tymoshenko did in Ukraine. She gave ne’er-do-well nationalists someone to focus their anger through. Until the violent overthrow, her release became a focal internationally to justify the 2014 coup.

As long as Hillary Clinton is out, free to speak at election rallies across America, and can generate headline reactions, Hillary becomes the biggest trump-card in the Republican arsenal. She is a presidential 3-time loser that invited foreign interference in US elections and the Democrats know it.

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