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In my last piece, I wrote about the impacts of the recent midterm elections as it saw that Democrats are now the majority in the Lower chamber and the results will be more scrutiny of the Trump administration. But it seems January is too far for these Democrats who are hell-bent on investigating the Donald Trump’s presidency as investigations have started very recently. The investigation which will cut across different areas and actions of the president like the appointment of Matt Whitaker, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s policy on family separation, Health care, the Emolument clause, Trump’s tax reforms, the hush money and the issue of security clearance for some members of the Trump family. This is evidence that the President’s family has been dragged into the political showdown.

The most surprising of this story is that Trump’s family investigation was initiated by the members of Congress from the Republican Party– Senator Ron Johnson representing Wisconsin and Representative Trey Gowdy representing South Carolina. Senator Ron is the chairman Senate committee on Homeland and Governmental Affairs, and Trey Gowdy is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight. Trey Gowdy was in the limelight during the House probing of the attack on an American Diplomatic outpost in Libya. An investigation which took about two years and he solely focused on Hillary Clinton’s role in the event. Although the role of Trey Gowdy in this Trump’s family investigation will be minimal because he’s retiring by January to make way for one of the new winners of the midterm elections, Elijah Cummings, a Democrats representing Maryland. The coming on board of Elijah Cummings into the committee as chairman will only mean more trouble for the Trump family as we already know that Democrats are out for blood against the Trump administration and Trump’s family will not be spared.

What the Democrats are saying

According to a Democrat representative, Jamie Raskin who represents Maryland believes that the Trump family investigation is a step in the right direction because they think that the family has turned the US government into a money-making avenue for the president and his associate. Also, another Democrats Representative who will chair the House Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff representing California, mentioned that his committee would be thorough about the involvement of Donald Jr. in the Russia collusion. The Democrats want to use this opportunity to demand the phone records of Donald Jr. after condemning the Republican for not doing the needful during their investigation. It is also important to mention that it is not all Democrats that share the idea of investigative onslaught that the Democrats are planning on the First Family. Eric Swalwell also representing California advised that although it is crucial for the investigation into potential foreign financial irregularity of the President, it will be bad if they pursue palace intrigues and voyeuristic interests which they should avoid.

Why are the Democrats pursuing this agenda?

The reason for the Democrats for wanting to investigative and crucify Trump’s family may not be far-fetched. After feeling powerless for more than two years because of their minority status in Congress, the Democrats believes that the reason for the upsurge in the midterm elections was because the American people want a strong opposition that will start asking necessary questions about the actions and activities of the Trump administration. They believe that the policies, actions, and events that surround the Trump administration have gone mostly unchecked and it is time to investigate the administration- and family thoroughly.  

But it is important to mention to that this course of action being pursued by the Democrats is entirely a bad idea. Although, they claim that the decision to investigate the Trump’s family is borne out of doing what is right for the American people and restoring law and order into the US government, but what their (democrats) action will only demonstrate is an opposition which is struggling for recognition and a vendetta for their defeat in the last general elections. Investigations like this always have unexpected returns which may come back to hurt the party in the next election because the subject of the family always brings out sentimental value and this may end up with the American people rallying support for the president.


Among the target of the Democrats in the investigation into Trump’s family is the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump. Jared Kushner came into political limelight during the 2016 elections because of the role he played during the election. In fact, he was praised as one of the reasons Trump won that election. Jared was described as the only guy who could convince anyone in Silicon Valley to support Trump’s campaign for the presidency. Initially, his role into the election was limited to providing research, but as the election moved forward, he became more significant in Trump’s camp. He was said to be one of Trump’s most trusted advisers, and he served as a conduit for outsiders who which to relay and make suggestions to Trump. The Democrats are targeting Jared Kushner because of his alleged involvement in the Russia probe. Also, the Democrats are also planning to investigate how some members of Trump’s family without security clearance were handling government businesses, working in the highest level of the White House. This is where Donald Jr. comes in and also Jared Kushner. Donald Jr. is also investigated for his role in the 2016 elections. He is believed to have met a Kremlin based lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. Donald Jr. is said to have exchanged several calls with the lawyer.

Also, Ivanka Trump is another member of the family that will also be in the limelight during the Democrats investigation into the family. Ivanka Trump is going to be questioned about her use of private emails for official US Government affairs. Recently, she admitted to using private emails to schedule meetings with cabinet secretaries. Her use of private email came into light after a White House review. Although she said she was unaware of the rules when she was using the private email but the Democrats deem it fit for her to appear before the committee to answer for her actions; an action they believed cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 presidential elections.


The Trump family investigation by the Democrats is an indication that next year is going to be action-packed. After several years of feeling powerless, the Democrats will use the opportunity of investigating the Trump family to hurt President Trump’s administration. Also, the Trump family investigation may also affect the grind of the operations of the government because the president is bound to be involved as we all know that he is a man that doesn’t like his family affairs brought into the limelight. Also, it is noteworthy to point out that it is not the Democrats that started this probe into the Trump family but the Reublican and it is an indication that there is still much that will unfold before the end of this current storm in the United States politics.

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