Mayhem in Democrat Camp Prior to 2020 Elections

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Mayhem in Democrat Camp Prior to 2020 Elections

As was expected, the onset of 2019 brought along a mad dash between various Democrat leaders to bag the title of Presidential Nominee. With 2020 just around the corner, everyone in the Democratic party seems to be thinking of running for the Presidential elections.

Already, close to a dozen leaders from the Democrat party have entered the race and more names are expected to join the wagon in the coming days. This volume might seem intimidating, but the names included don’t really show quality. Of all the names in the list only Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren are the ones worth considering.

While the Democrat party is in chaos, the Republicans seem quite calm and sorted. It is expected that Donald Trump would be GOP’s presidential nominee. With Trump running for another term and the Democrats still struggling to find a potent contender, don’t expect 2020 elections to be a nail-biting contest.

Choosing the right candidate as the Presidential Nominee is expected to be a daunting task for the Democrats. The biggest hurdle for them would be to find the right name that could at least give them a fighting chance. And with Trump’s popularity constantly rising due to his Pro-American policies, it would be quite difficult for the Democrats to find that perfect counterpart.

Who to watch out for in the Democrat Party?

Kamala Harris 

Of all the candidates emerging from the opposition, Kamala Harris seems to have the most impressive resume. California’s Senator from 2017, Harris announced her Presidential Nomination campaign amid a crowd of over 20,000 supporters. She is the second African American woman in US history to be elected as a Senator.

Prior to becoming a Senator, Harris held the position of California’s Attorney General from 2011 to 2017. While announcing her candidacy, she spoke about her sense of responsibility and how she felt that it was the right time for her to stand up and fight in order to protect the American population.  Since she was the first person from the Democrat party to announce her candidacy, the initial response she got was good.

While Harris holds an impressive work history, her lack of political know-how puts a serious concern on her candidature. She has been in the Senate for only two years and is still considered too young to be able to take tough decisions under pressure, which is almost a prerequisite for the top job in the country. Also, many Republicans have raised questions about her effectiveness outside the State of California.

Another major hurdle in Harris’s way to becoming the Presidential Nominee will be the lack of support from the African-American community. Some of her decisions during the stint as San Francisco’s District attorney and then the State’s Attorney General have deeply dented her image among the community members. And, without their support, winning the race and finally putting a challenging fight in the 2020 elections might seem like a distant dream.

With early voting in California’s Primary, Harris has very little time left to change the public opinion about her outlook and her ability to tackle tricky matters. Unless she can prove her effectiveness over the Californian borders and pursue the African-American voters, winning the candidature will be quite difficult.

Even though Harris got a decent initial response after announcing her candidacy, she is still not the most popular candidate in the Democrat party. As per a poll conducted in the party, Harris still lags Elizabeth Warren and Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has not officially declared any intentions to run for 2020 elections. Warren, on the other hand, will be running the race to bag the party Presidential Nominee, and hence for Harris, she can prove to be a tough competitor to beat.

Elizabeth Warren

Being one of the oldest candidates in the Presidential Nominee race, Elizabeth Warren comes with a lot of experience in politics. Massachusetts Senator has been in office since 2013 and has served as an Assistant to former President Barack Obama. She has also served as Special Adviser to the Treasury Secretary after 2008 Financial Crisis era and helped in starting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

But the recent fiasco can possibly have an adverse impact on her Presidential Nominee hopes. Warren had to recently apologize to the Native American community after the Washington Post, had published a document in which Warren had claimed that she was an American Indian.

Reacting to her decision to run for Democrat Presidential Nominee, President Trump tweeted, Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? With the entire ethnicity matter still fresh in the American voters’ minds, it will not be an easy task for Warren to emerge victoriously. Even though Warren has tried to shift the focus of the public from the misrepresentation of her race, it has not worked so far for her.

The only silver lining for Warren right now is that currently she is being preferred the most among other candidates in her party. Also, as compared to her closest competitor Kamala Harris, Warren has a better chance to pursue the African- American community to vote for Democrats. Also, ever since Trump took charge of the Oval office, Warren has been quite instrumental in matching paces with the President, be it in Congress or over the social media. This has helped her to gain a lot of recognition across the country and now with General Elections fast approaching, this publicity might just come handy.

Amy Klobuchar

As compared to the other two, Amy Klobuchar started her candidature with a bang. She literally announced her decision to contest for the party’s Presidential Nominee in the middle of a snowstorm. The unannounced storm may at first sound like a bad start but for Klobuchar, it gave her candidacy an extra zest.

Of the three top contenders, Klobuchar holds the maximum experience in politics and has held the Senator post since 2007. The Minnesota Senator has also been consistently winning all the three terms with a clear majority from her home State.

While her winning stats are impressive, Klobuchar has her share of issues to resolve in order to ensure a similar victory this time also. Firstly, unlike other contenders, Klobuchar has been a moderate spectator in the party and has not come out with clear support to various progressive legislation of the party. Not getting on board with the Medicare-for-all bill might just prove costly for her.

Also, the recent accusations of mistreating the staff might cost her the Presidential Nominee trophy. Another factor which could bruise her hopes of winning will be her popularity among the voters. She has been so focused on Minnesota that she has almost no presence outside the state.

So, while Klobuchar may have an impressive win record during her Senate terms, she would have to work a lot towards improving her standing among fellow Democrats and the American population. Also, it will be interesting to see how she navigates the attention away from the mistreatment allegations and defends her silence on key Democrat legislation. Another big hurdle for Klobuchar will be convincing fellow Democrats to put their faith in her and prove them that she is not only capable of fighting elections but can also unite the entire party together.

With the 2020 election process just kicking off, it is too early to say who from the Democrats would finally achieve the majority support and become the party’s Presidential Nominee. No matter who that person may be, the war with Trump is going to be an exhaustive one for the Democrats. The party needs to prioritize itself and plan.

Trump had already started preparing for a re-election way back when he took charge of the White House and with his policies towards increasing domestic employment and manufacturing, he has rallied quite a strong support. So, if Democrats plan to grab a victory in the General elections, they will need to act swiftly and with precision.

One of the first things the Democrats need to do is to get the party together. With such an enormous candidate list, the finalization process is only going to pull the party apart. The second step that the Democrats need to take is to get all the candidates and party members on the same page when it comes to policies. The divide is quite visible in the party and if they wish to give a tough fight to the President, the party needs to come together and join voices. Unless the Democrats can pull themselves together, defeating President Trump will look like an impossible task.

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