McCabe’s Revelations: A Brazen Cashgrab Attempt, And Proof Of Treason?

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McCabe’s Revelations: A Brazen Cashgrab Attempt, And Proof Of Treason?

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, it came as a rude shock to many deluded progressives. This vocal group of anti-Trumpers would like to see nothing more than the fall of the Trump Presidency, by fair means or foul. In 2016, their tentacles reached deep into the corrupt DC establishment, including the upper echelons of the DoJ and the FBI.

In the last two-three years, President Trump has been busy cleaning the house, removing corrupt yes-men like James Comey from the seats of power (along with inept/disloyal former White House staffers). Andrew McCabe belongs in the same category of individuals. Many of those fired by Trump has gone on to write memoirs with the aim of getting back at the President and making a quick buck in the process.

The legions of gullible anti-Trump progressives present these crooks with the perfect opportunity of a cash grab. All they need to do is make some headlines with explosive revelations before the book launch. The anti-Trumpers lap it all up while these crooks laugh their way to the top of the New York Times lists, earning fat checks in the process.

James Comey, Michael Wolff, Omarosa Manigault, the list of individuals who have tried to profit by besmirching the good name of a legally elected President goes on and on. Andrew McCabe would have been in good company in this particular gang of thieves and neer-do-gooders. Except, in his desperate attempt to drum up interest in his book, he may have gone too far with the revelations for his own good.

Who is Andrew McCabe – A Quick Reminder

Andrew McCabe was a career FBI agent and attorney who worked on organized crime and national security during his 20-year tenure at the Bureau. He rose to the rank of Deputy Director during the Obama era and was a prominent part of the investigations in Hillary Clinton. McCabe and his crew have been accused of going easy on Clinton, with the expectation that she would be their next boss after Obama.

When that plan was blown away by Trump victory in 2016, McCabe, Comey and the same agents who investigated Clinton email affair seem to have involved themselves in attempts to undermine President Trump. Comey was the first to be kicked out for his activities, following which McCabe became acting Director of the FBI in 2017. McCabe seems to have continued his attempts to destabilize the Presidency as the Director, as confirmed by his latest revelations. But his sins eventually caught up and McCabe was fired in March last year. The IG report listed multiple times McCabe behaved with lack of candor. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe for grave professional misconduct.

McCabe tried to paint himself as a victim of a vendetta by Trump, citing the fact that he was fired from his post a few days before he was slated to retire, thereby depriving himself off a fat pension. But that story did not stick, as the charges against McCabe by the Office of the Inspector General (Justice Department) were extremely serious, fully deserving of a summary dismissal.

What Exactly Did McCabe Reveal In His Interview

In the run-up to the publication of his memoir whose name does not even deserve a mention here, Andrew McCabe appeared on the CBS show 60 Minutes to plug the book and throw out a few juicy bits to grab some headlines. Here, in a nutshell, is what he revealed during the interview:

  • As acting Director of the FBI, McCabe ordered an obstruction of justice probe against the President because of his firing of James Comey.
  • Top officials in the FBI and DoJ were seriously considering a plan to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution and remove the President from office.
  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was in on this plan and enthusiastically offered to wear a wire during his meetings with the President.

Murmurs about these events had swirled around the FBI and DoJ in the past, and the NY Times had insisted last year that Rosenstein had indeed offered to wear a wire in a blatant attempt to somehow frame the President. With McCabe’s revelations, these have become elevated from the realm of mere gossip and rumors to concrete assertions by a former top official of the Federal Government.

Here are the potential implications of the latest revelations.

1 – The Existence of A “Deep State Conspiracy”

Far-right conservatives have long argued about the existence of a deep state conspiracy – something which the President himself has alleged on numerous occasions after entering the White House. According to its proponents, the major institutions of Federal Government, like the FBI, DOJ, and the Pentagon are no longer impartial or non-partisan. These organs have been infiltrated at the highest level by officials who are aligned with the radicals and progressives.

The McCabe revelations will only serve to strengthen the suspicions surrounding the existence of a deep state project initiated during the time of Obama. Comey, McCabe, and the agents like Strzok were all part of the same team that exonerated Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi scandal and Email server incidents. When the same team is found to be a part of a systematic campaign to weaken, de-legitimize, and potentially overthrow a democratically elected President, questions are bound to be raised.

2 – Confirmation Of An Attempted Palace Coup

Arguably the biggest bombshell to come out of the McCabe revelations was his admission that he did, in fact, launch a criminal investigation on a sitting US President. His excuse? He was suspicious that Trump was actually a Russian asset, based on the fact that the President fired James Comey (the same old obstruction of justice and collusion stories).

The fact that a powerful bureaucrat with partisan leanings can initiate a potentially damaging investigation into a President elected by the people, without any oversight, checks or balances, confirms our worst fears about progressives and big government. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif), former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee blasted the investigations, stating that McCabe and co were running a counterintelligence investigation into a political party based on dirt and research from another political party.

Even more damning are the talks about invoking the 25th Amendment. According to McCabe, senior DoJ and FBI officials were seriously considering removing the President immediately after the Comey firing. This represents a plan to abuse the US Constitution: the 25th Amendment was passed after the Kennedy assassination to facilitate a smooth transition of power to the Vice President in the event of the death, legal removal, or incapacitation of the Commander in Chief. In 2017, were any of these conditions even remotely applicable?

When the answer to that question is an emphatic no, we are left with nothing but the assumption that these officials were contemplating a palace coup. That they failed miserably is no big surprise, given how desperate and flimsy their grounds for moving forward. There are also strong indications that McCabe is trying to vindicate his treasonous actions with lies. Two examples spring to mind:

  • That Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a registered Republican, eagerly offered to wear a wire to entrap a Republican President.
  • That the so-called “gang of eight“, a bi-partisan group of Congressional leaders (including prominent House Republicans), did not object when the FBI briefed them about the opening of a criminal investigation into Trump in 2017.

Conclusion – There Should Be An Investigation (If Not More)

The McCabe revelations are a startling indictment of the state of affairs at the top of the government machinery in the US. That a disgraced former government official can freely profit from his own (treasonous) misdeeds in full public view is simply unacceptable. The incoming Attorney General William Barr should order a thorough DoJ investigation into the attempted coup. That is the least of what an individual like McCabe deserves.

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