July 2019

Detention Center

Democrats and the detention center

Recently more than a dozen Democratic Representatives among them Alexandria Ocasio Cortez visited two Texas border detention centers, one in El Paso, and the other one located in Clint. What followed the tour was a tirade of ridiculous allegations on Twitter. AOC claimed that she saw detainees’ drinking water from a toilet and further claimed she had felt unsafe from the detention center officers who were laughing and ridiculing members of Congress.

Girl upset

Why Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Is Making Waves?

The sordid saga unfolding slowly in the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest should not surprise anyone, however shocking its details are. This is was a media firestorm just waiting to happen, since at least 2008.


The narrow way to a better banking system

Traditional banks borrow money and fail when they can’t repay. The result, as the Great Recession showed, is potential economic devastation requiring massive taxpayer bailouts.


These Are The Cities And States Helping Women Obtain Abortions | The Daily Caller

Despite restrictive aboortion legislations passed in 2019, many states have taken steps to help women to obtain abortions.Georgia, Kentucky,Louisiana,Ohio and Mississippi have passed bills banning abortions after a heartbeat is detected.


Schengen in Luxembourg: A tiny village that changed European travel

Blink, and you could pass through Europe’s smaller nations without realising. Take Luxembourg, which can be crossed by car in just over an hour at its widest point. Before you know it, you’ve popped out into the surrounding countries of France, Germany or Belgium, with only the eagle-eyed spying the border sign and the striped…


The 5 most unforgettable dining experiences on the Great Barrier Reef

Aside from its famed collection of vibrant coral and fish, the Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the country’s most memorable dining experiences.


Plan your trip to Outback Queensland with this handy guide

Once you dig below the surface you’ll find it’s easy to plan your trip to the Aussie Outback. Click purchase on that Akubra and read this handy guide.


Chernobyl series review: The political cost of lies

Chernobyl is an HBO’s five parts miniseries that deals with the nuclear accident in the North of Ukraine, a state member of the USSR at its time. It focuses on the preceding hours of the worst incident of this nature in human history, the succeeding efforts of the Government officials to try to minimize the perception of the risk and on the rogue citizens that tried to deal with the problem for what it really was, a disaster that threatened all kind of life in the whole continent.

Trump Tax Returns

Justice Department sides with treasury on Trump Taxes

After the Democrats initiated the scandalous Russiagate that culminated with the Mueller report, which ended the witch-hunt and exonerated president Trump, the democrats are back on another fishing expedition, this time in a bid to save face; they are hunting for the president’s tax returns to make them public.