Democratic Presidential Debates Review

The first round of the 2019 Democratic presidential debates painted a depressing picture for the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives and progressives alike should be concerned about the current trajectory of the Democratic party.

The first round of the 2019 Democratic presidential debates painted a depressing picture for the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives and progressives alike should be concerned about the current trajectory of the Democratic party.

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Democratic Presidential Debates Review: A Party Divided & On The Brink of Socialism

By Preetam Kaushik

The first round of the 2019 Democratic presidential debates painted a depressing picture for the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives and progressives alike should be concerned about the current trajectory of the Democratic party.

Looking from a bipartisan perspective, the future of democracy in America requires a healthy two-party system. There can be ideological differences on important issues, but they cannot come at the cost of the basic tenets of freedom and individual rights.

That is exactly where the Democratic party seems to be headed at the moment, towards concrete socialism or worse, even communism from some angles. This alarming tilt to the extreme left was quite evident from comments of the main candidates during the debate.

A review of the first round of Democratic presidential debates threw up the following insights:

Democrats face a clear ideological schism

Given its progressive ideology, there have always been multiple strands within the Democratic party. But these days, a clear divide seems to be emerging within the ranks – the moderates or center-lefts, championed by the old guard, and the radical progressives on the far left.

And it is the latter who seems to be gaining an upper edge at the moment. During the debates, Joe Biden seemed to be the sole voice of sanity (relatively speaking) amidst a throng of candidates trying hard to please their young, far-left base.

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders – all three are among the frontrunners for the party ticket to run for the President, and they are all on the radical left side of the party. Sanders even calls himself a committed socialist. Wealth redistribution, big government, universal Medicare, these are just some of the issues where a majority of these progressives have a common stance.

Amidst all this insanity, few candidates seem to be capable of presenting a more moderate alternative other than Joe Biden. Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard are both more centrist, but they have the look of also-rans at the moment.

The radical left progressives won the first round

Going into the first round of the Democratic Presidential Debates, ex-Vice President was the frontrunner, the establishment favorite. Unfortunately for Biden, that also painted a big, fat target on his back for every other candidate in his round to take potshots at.

There is a clear consensus from reviews of the debates across the political spectrum: Biden has been weakened. Kamala Harris was especially effective in her attack on him for his past work with segregationists in the 1960s. In fact, one Democratic staffer described it as an “evisceration” in an interview to The Hill.

While Kamala Harris saw her star rise, other radicals gamely held their ground, albeit unspectacularly. Both Warren and Sanders still remain clear frontrunners, despite (or because of) their radical positions on Medicare, education, and immigration.

At the end of it all,surveys indicate that Joe Biden still remains the frontrunner, but his lead has been cut down considerably. Kamala Harris is hot on his tails, with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders bringing up the top four. Of the lesser-known candidates, only Pete Buttigieg saw an increase in support.

The Democratic pandering to minorities reach cringe-worthy levels

Historically, the Dems have positioned themselves as the party of minorities, especially those from the Latino community. But these Democratic presidential debates saw candidates pandering reach historic lows.

It started with three or four candidates speaking in Spanish, in what can only be treated as a transparently nauseating attempt to win the Latino voters. And given the mediocre attempts at what is essentially a second language for all candidates, it may even have backfired.

Nobody can deny the fact that American society at the moment is facing dangerous faultlines that threaten to divide it. But if there is one unifying factor, it is English as the common language. Instead of using that to promote unity and strength, the progressives promoting minority languages only serves to sow the seeds of division further.

At least, the Latino community is a significant minority, accounting for nearly 18% of the US population at the moment. Some of the candidates were fixated on groups that do not even constitute 0.1% of the population.

Cory Booker, in an attempt to establish his progressive credentials, had this to say: “We do not talk enough about Trans-Americans, especially African-American Trans-Americans.” Fox News estimates indicate that this particular group constitutes only 0.025% of the population. Make what of that you will.

The entire debates were a parade of non-issues and nonsense 

The plight of racial-gender minorities were not the only important issues in the eyes of the candidates during these Democratic Presidential debates. Some of the views would not even pass the basic tests of common sense.

Eric Swalwell endorsed a peculiar brand of gun control, involving the confiscation of the most dangerous weapons, while leaving out everything else, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. How that would solve gun violence, when a vast majority of gun-related deaths in the US are caused by pistols, is anybody’s guess.

Illegal immigration is a serious issue in the US and it did resonate in the Democratic Presidential debates, but not in ways one would hope for. Ten candidates on day two of the debates endorsed one troubling proposal en-masse: a provision to provide healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants, using taxpayer money. If that doesn’t get Trump re-elected, then America deserves whatever future these progressives are cooking up!

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Amy Klobuchar, who has more tolerable moderate views on medicare, balances it out by aligning with Sanders and co. on issues like student debt:  “If billionaires can pay off their yachts, students should be able to pay off their student loans,” says the congresswoman from Minnesota.

Just how exactly the Dems are going to find the money for these flights of fancy, is a good question with no easy answers. As the antithesis to American conservatism, the Democratic party has stood for some measure of fiscal irresponsibility. But the views espoused by this current crop of Presidential hopefuls exceeds all previous limits of recklessness.

Ultimately, Trump has little reason to worry

All Democratic presidential debate participants faced one intractable problem, regardless of their ideological persuasion – the state of the US economy. Under the Trump presidency, the economic picture is one of the best it has been in recent decades. Even Democratic voters agree that the economy is in good hands.

The only recourse left to them was to ignore the truth and paint a web of lies. And that is what every candidate went on to do, from Sanders to Warren, Harris to Booker. These antics may work in the Democratic Presidential Debates because here they are talking to their core supporters.

But the candidate who wins this race will face a national audience in 2020. And they will have some serious explaining to do when trying to vote for change when things are going well in one of the most important aspects of governance.

And if that candidate happens to be a radical left politician like Sanders, Warren, or Harris, then good luck convincing independent, tax-paying voters why their money should go towards giving medicare to illegal immigrants and paying off the debts of others. Socialism has no place in America, and the Dems will learn a painful lesson in that in 2020 if they are not careful.

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