Justice Department sides with treasury on Trump Taxes

After the Democrats initiated the scandalous Russiagate that culminated with the Mueller report, which ended the witch-hunt and exonerated president Trump, the democrats are back on another fishing expedition, this time in a bid to save face; they are hunting for the president’s tax returns to make them public.

After the Democrats initiated the scandalous Russiagate that culminated with the Mueller report, which ended the witch-hunt and exonerated president Trump, the democrats are back on another fishing expedition, this time in a bid to save face; they are hunting for the president’s tax returns to make them public.

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Justice Department sides with treasury on Trump Taxes

By Heather McDonald

After the Democrats initiated the scandalous Russiagate that culminated with the Mueller report, which ended the witch-hunt and exonerated president Trump, the democrats are back on another fishing expedition, this time in a bid to save face; they are hunting for the president’s tax returns to make them public.

Its official now, the House ways and means committee and their chairperson Richard E Neal will not get Trumps Tax returns. Even though the law does not require presidential candidates to release tax returns, the candidates can choose to do it voluntarily. In April, Neal had subpoenaed the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service.Neal had claimed that Congress had a duty to conduct oversight of departments and officials. The duty he was referring to was the involvement of the IRS policy to audit all president’s tax returns. Neal has asked for the tax returns three times.

Neal’s letter requesting for six years of president Trumps personal and business tax returns, he hand delivered the two-page document laying out the request to Charles P Rettig the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner.

Looming Legal battle

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin formally denied his request for the tax returns; he issued a statement saying that the Treasury department would not be able to lawfully fulfill the committee’s request. There is a 1924 law that allows the House Ways and Means Committee to request tax returns from the treasury department for review in a closed session.

Mnuchin said that he relied on advice from the Department of Justice to deny the House Ways and Means Committee request for Trumps tax returns. In a letter to the House Mnuchin wrote that the request was not only unprecedented but it also lacked a Legitimate Legislative purpose. The refusal by the Treasury over Trumps taxes soured relations further and has escalated the war between congress and the executive branch of the United States government and there is a prospect of another legal battle. Pundits view this as a challenge to Congress to oversee the other branches of government.

House ways and Means Committee Chairman has said that he intends to take the Trump Administration to court to enforce a subpoena and the legal request he made to scrutinize President Trump’s tax returns. The Massachusetts Democrat said that he expected it to end in court.

The Department Of Justice

The justice department issued a 33 page memo backing the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in defying a request from congress for president Trumps tax returns. The memo authored by Steven A Engel the head of the office of legal counsel argued that the House Democrats and Richard E Neal asked for the tax returns, not in their line of duty serving the House ways and means committee but for political purposes, with intention of releasing them.

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The memo further argued that the Department of Justice doubted the formal rationale the committee used to make the request. The committee while making the request had indicated that it wanted the tax returns so that it would be able to examine how the Internal Revenue Service audits presidential tax returns. Mr. Engel wrote that there had previously been elaborate public comments from both Mr. Neal and House speaker Nancy Pelosi about their desire to make Trumps tax information public. The justice department was of the opinion that Congress was exceeding its constitutional authority.

Legitimate legislative purpose

In 1924, a law was passed that gives the House Ways and Means Committee the power to request any taxpayer’s information they may require from the IRS. This law allows the Chairperson of Congresses central tax writing committee to get an individual’s tax returns and other documents such as the w-2 form that show how much one made in a year. However, here is the best part about the law, Congress members cannot ask for someones tax returns just because they feel like it, that would be susceptible to abuse. They must be able to show reason why the tax requests relate to them carrying out their duties as a law making body.

IRS presidential tax vetting

The internal Revenue Authority has had a policy where they have automatically audited every president’s tax returns since 1970, in a bid to instill confidence the president is paying his taxes and set an encouraging example to the rest of the country. Why the democrats seem to have the notion that President Trump’s case is different is beyond comprehension.

Because of strict United States taxpayer confidentiality laws, little is known by the public about how the internal revenue service conducts the vetting of the president’s tax returns. Donald Trump has continuously reaffirmed that the Internal Revenue Service has been auditing him. Democrats in their usual manner of over dramatizing and criticizing anything Trump have been giving an example of one incident during Nixon’s presidency when the Internal Revenue Service gave Nixon a clean bill of health only for the Independent joint Committee to find out that the then president owed almost $500,000 in unpaid taxes.

New York’s new tax law

After a newly passed New York law that allows limited access to the president’s state returns was passed, Democrats who have been agitating for the release of trumps tax information were disappointed. The new law only allows the House ways and means chair, Richard Neal to request for the documents but he has declined to do so. Neal’s is worried that accessing President Trumps New York state returns will weaken his position especially his Internal Revenue service fillings mostly his reasons for asking for them. This would simply bolster Trumps assertions that the Democrats are on a fishing expedition. Asking for them would be sabotaging his own lawsuit.

Other democrats have no power to influence Neal to do so. The chairpersons of other committees like the Judiciary chairperson Jerrold Nadler and the Oversight chairperson Elijah Cummings have arranged with each other deciding who controls which investigation. Trumps refusal to release his tax returns just bucked tradition; there is a difference between bucking tradition and breaking the law.

Democrats and tax returns

David Betras a former Mahoning County’s Democratic Party chairperson in Youngstown Ohio has come out saying that only democrats in Washington care about Trumps tax returns, his possible impeachment and his alleged unfitness for office. Democrats everywhere else only care about the aggressive trade war he is involved in with the Chinese trying to get them better jobs, even though the tariffs might mean a little economic hardship in the short term.

Bernie Sanders released ten years worth of tax returns and he is trailing Joe Biden in the recent RealClearPolitics National average. Two Republican senators, Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas were running against Trump in 2016, they both released five years worth of tax returns, Trump did not, and he still won the Republican Party’s nomination. The same goes for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton she released her tax returns Trump did not, he won, and she lost. Is it just the facts or is a pattern emerging here?


The argument that the democrats have regarding the tax issue, seems to have a lot to do with the timing. The Democrats are aware that Trump started his presidential reelection campaign unusually early for an incumbent president. His campaign has visited key electoral states, held several rallies and he officially filed his campaign with the Federal Election Commission on the actual day that he was to be inaugurated. Trump has insisted that voters do not care about his tax returns.

This was quite evident in the last election because there were the same tax issues being raised then, with the same intensity. President trump formally launched his 2020 presidential campaign in Orlando Florida before a massive crowd. Trump still enjoys and still maintains a deep support base; The United States has enjoyed an economic growth and a low unemployment rate during his tenure.

Trumps reelection is just around the corner and the democrats are desperately looking for ammunition to use against him to thwart his campaigns. When they won control of the house, the Democrats opened half a dozen inquiries of trump in regards to his business practices, his personal life, and his presidency. The Democrats want Trumps taxes made public but they have no good reason to request for them, so they are attempting to construct a Legislative reason around it. This is not a legitimate congressional oversight undertaking but it is a war, with the Internal Revenue Service being used as a weapon.

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