Democrats and the detention center

Recently more than a dozen Democratic Representatives among them Alexandria Ocasio Cortez visited two Texas border detention centers, one in El Paso, and the other one located in Clint. What followed the tour was a tirade of ridiculous allegations on Twitter.

Recently more than a dozen Democratic Representatives among them Alexandria Ocasio Cortez visited two Texas border detention centers, one in El Paso, and the other one located in Clint. What followed the tour was a tirade of ridiculous allegations on Twitter.

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Democrats and the detention center

Recently more than a dozen Democratic Representatives among them Alexandria Ocasio Cortez visited two Texas border detention centers, one in El Paso, and the other one located in Clint. What followed the tour was a tirade of ridiculous allegations on Twitter. AOC claimed that she saw detainees drinking water from a toilet and further claimed she had felt unsafe from the detention center officers who were laughing and ridiculing members of Congress.

There were also allegations of a closed Facebook group consisting of former and current Border patrol agents making derogatory jokes about migrant deaths and posting lewd memes of Latina lawmakers. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus had organized the trip after allegations had been made against the Clint facility concerning the migrant children being housed in it.

Democrats yet again want to use the immigrant issue to attack the Trump Administration, which of course is to be expected of them, if you have been attentive to their warped narrative. Democrats are acting as if the detention centers were a Trump administration idea but the truth of the matter is President bill Clinton officially authorized Mandatory detention with the enactment of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility act and the Anti-Terrorism and effective Death Penalty acts. Both of which are under the jurisdiction of Customs and Border Protection, (CBP) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

  Border detention centers

For years, the United States government has maintained the largest number of immigrant detention centers in the world, while some are government owned, others are under contract with the federal government. There are approximately 184 detention centers in Texas alone, it has the highest number of detention centers available for use by the ICE for any state. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus sponsored trip visited the Clint station one of the Texas border detention centers facing allegations of poor sanitation and other ills. The Clint detention center is the venue in which the Democrats alleged squalid immigrant living conditions.

This detention center is located in the west Texas farm town of Clint which has wide spread cotton farms and cattle pasture. The Clint center started operating in the year 2013; it caters for both adults and unaccompanied immigrant children, and is currently hosting approximately 250 children. According to the centers officials, the children are provided with clothes and hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, soap, and water. Showers are available to the detainees approximately every three days depending on the number of children being held at the facility at that time.

For profit detention centers

A surge in crime in the 1980s led to an increased number of convicted felons who needed to be locked up, this led the birth of For-profit prisons due to an inadequate number of facilities to accommodate the new influx. Local jails and the state governments were finding it increasingly difficult to hold the new wave of prisoners coming their way. Most opted for outsourcing, they hired private prisons to lock up the prisoners they did not have a capacity to handle.

Currently incarceration rates in the US are beginning to decline but the For-Profit prisons have a new line of business, they are contracted to lock up illegal immigrants for the federal government. The privately run detention centers hire fewer staff members and also require less training in an effort to minimize running costs and do not carry out programming for detainees. This trend has been fueled by the refusal of many local governments refusal to hold the growing number of illegal immigrants. County officials are cancelling contracts with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement that rents bed space from them.

According to the latest ICE data, the number of undocumented immigrants being held currently has peaked at an all-time high of 50,000, local resistance is developing more business opportunities for private corrections companies who in turn continue to offer questionable incarceration conditions. Could this be one of the reasons the left is pandering to the illegal immigrants in hopes of using the situation to discredit the government?

The $ 4.6 Billion Border Funding Bill

The house passed a 4.6 billion Senate bill to send urgent funding to the border. The vote had incensed a fierce Democratic internal discord with the progressives being of the opinion that they could have done better to protect migrant children with the passing of a better bill. The bill had formerly passed the senate with a bipartisan vote. This particular bill will oversee the spending of billions of taxpayer dollars to cater only for children in government custody without any funding for the border wall. The house version of the bill would have had stricter protocols on how the money would be spent than the Senate version.

$2.9 billion will go to reviving the Department of Health and Human Services. Most of the remaining 1.3 billion will  go to the Department of Homeland Security allocated to Customs and Border Patrol and  will be spent on improving border facility conditions and purchasing vital items such as, clothing, baby formula and hygiene products like soap, shampoos and hand sanitizers. The Bill was a compromise between Sen. Richard Shelby the Senate appropriations Committee chairperson and Sen. Patrick Leahy a democrat on the Committee. President Trump applauded the Bill passage and tweeted that it was a great job done by all.

Trump on detention centers

In tweets posted by President Trump, he vehemently trashed the reports of inhumane conditions of illegal immigrants being held in border detention centers. President Trump told off the immigrants not to come to the United States if they did not like the conditions in the centers. In the tweets, he further made it clear that the United States Customs and Border Protection officers were not hospital workers, nurses or doctors. He wrote that the detention centers were quickly built or refitted to accommodate them and therefore expecting luxury at these centers was farfetched.

Recent right wing sentiments defending the detention centers also mirror Trumps views. Rush Limbaugh a conservative radio host took a shot at Ocasio Cortez saying that she lied about immigrant detainees being asked to drink out of toilets. Rush Limbaugh suggested that based on the conditions the immigrants were fleeing from in their home countries drinking out of a toilet would be a step up for some of the immigrants.

Obama detention centers

Right wing critics and republicans have a bone to pick with democrats who are criticizing the Trump administration handling of the immigrant detention centers. Back in 2015 during President Obamas, tenure ACLU filed a lawsuit in which the detention centers at the time were referred to as the lawsuit the ACLU accused the CBP of maintaining horrendous conditions that were overcrowded, freezing and filthy.

The lawsuit also mentioned lack of access to beds, water, soap, adequate food, medical care for protracted periods of time and legal representation that was in fact a violation of Border patrol policies and constitutional standards. The truth is that most of the Immigration Enforcement tactics that are currently being criticized were in place during Obamas tenure. According to the Marshall project,every president in the past 25 years has overseen growth in immigration detention.


The Immigrant Detention Center issue is yet another salvo that is being fired at president Trump by the left, it is clearly hyperbole. According to Republican Representative Michael Burgess while talking to MSNBC,s Chris Hayes Democrats back in February refused to vote against a government-funding package that constituted additional bed space at detention centers. They are the same democrats who are now decrying the living conditions in the centers that they had a chance to improve but did not.

Burgess continued to say that the children were not being forced to stay at the detention centers and that there were no locked doors at the detention facilities, they were free to voluntarily  go back to their countries of origin but would not do so because they were well taken care of there and would prefer to stay. He further stated that the hate directed at Trump from the left was so intense that they would say anything if they thought it would damage Trumps credibility.

The Immigrants detention center saga is yet another issue being politicized by the left  to try and deflect from the progress that President Trump is making in other crucial  areas such as the economy  And creation of new jobs.

Democrats should stop pandering to the illegal immigrants and quit their attention grabbing gimmicks; immigrants at the centers are actually living in better conditions than they were in their countries of origin. Democrats should instead focus on legitimate and genuine issues. Immigrants are safe in the detention  centers and nobody is trying to harm them in the United States and the concerns they had have just been addressed by a $4.6 Billion Bill that has just been passed by the Senate, it does not get better than that for illegal immigrants in the detention centers.

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