Why Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Is Making Waves?

The sordid saga unfolding slowly in the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest should not surprise anyone, however shocking its details are. This is was a media firestorm just waiting to happen, since at least 2008.

The sordid saga unfolding slowly in the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest should not surprise anyone, however shocking its details are. This is was a media firestorm just waiting to happen, since at least 2008.

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Why Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Is Making Waves Everywhere From DC To LA

The sordid saga unfolding slowly in the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest should not surprise anyone, however shocking its details are. This is was a media firestorm just waiting to happen, since at least 2008.

The charges leveled against the billionaire financier are nauseating and horrifying – involving continuous exploitation and abuse of underage girls for sexual gratification. The fallout of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest and pending trial may reverberate across the major centers of power in America – including Washington DC, LA, and New York.

Here is a closer look at the tangled web around this man, to better understand the importance of his downfall.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

A New York native, Jeffrey Epstein’s main claim to fame before allegations of abuse was as a financier who worked exclusively for billionaires. A former executive at the Wall Street firm Bear Stearns in the 1970s, he launched his own company in 1982.

He made his fortune in the 1990s, working as a financier for billionaires, and cultivating many contacts among elite circles in New York, Washington DC, and abroad. Jeffrey Epstein described himself as a collector of billionaires at one point. His contacts included tycoons, former presidents, actors, and even British royalty.

Many of these individuals have been forced to face tough questions in the aftermath of the recent Jeffrey Epstein arrest.

Epstein allegations, trial, legal status, and current charges

The genesis of the latest Epstein arrest can be traced back to 2005 when an underage girl reported his alleged sexual misconduct to Palm Beach police. That initial spark led to further investigations that unveiled dozens of instances of unlawful sex and abuse of minor girls.

An FBI investigation soon followed, but the results were never fully revealed to the public because of a controversial deal cut by Epstein’s legal team with the then US Attorney for Southern District of Florida, Alex Acosta.

Thanks to that deal, Epstein, avoided doing hard time in Federal prison, instead landing a light sentence in County Jail. He was registered as a Class 3 Sex offender but was allegedly given an easy time by the NYPD.

Epstein largely moved out of the spotlight after this, until The Miami Herald published an expose on his long history of sexual abuse. Since then, he has been accused of the following unlawful acts:

  1. Paying dozens of young girls to engage in unlawful sex acts with himself and other men
  2. Running a sex racket involving several of his female employees, socialite friends, and even the victims themselves, forcing them to recruit other underage girls into the racket
  3. Possession of images of underage girls, which were discovered in his NY mansion, among other disturtbing things

Based on investigations by New York prosecutors as the result of the Miami Herald story, Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest was recorded on July 19. He faces at least 45 years in prison, for his alleged crimes involving dozens of underage victims in New York and Florida, between 2002 and 2005.

Why the Trump-Epstein controversy is a non-starter

The clouds swirling around Jeffery Epstein arrest has also wafted close to the White House, thanks at least in part due to the President’s opponents trying to use it as political capital. Two men in the administration have been linked with Epstein, at least one of them unfairly.

As a billionaire himself, President Trump moved around in the same circles as Epstein in the 1990s and 2000s. There are quotes from Trump himself, dating back to 1992, indicating that the two had a friendly relationship at that time.

But there is no indication that the President ever knew of Epstein’s involvement with underage girls. Even more importantly, Trump severed all contact with the disgraced financier years ago. He even banned Epstein from Mar A Lago resort,where the latter was apparently a frequent customer.

While it is quite clear that the President himself has nothing to worry about the Jeffrey Epstein arrest and impending trial, the same may not be true for his Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta.

How is Alex Acosta involved in the Epstein Case?

Acosta was the Attorney who cut that now infamous deal with Epstein’s team of lawyers back in 2008. There are several factors that work against Acosta in this matter:

  • There was strong evidence in the hands of the prosecution against Epstein in 2007
  • Epstein’s lawyer Jay Lefkowicz was a former colleague of Alex Acosta
  • The deal was kept a secret from the victims for some time, a potential violation of Federal law
  • The deal included protection for Epstein’s female accomplices

In his defense, it must be said that Epstein did not go away scot-free, but considering the severity of crimes involved, that does not mean much. There are indications though, that Epstein may have turned state witness in a Wall Street case as part of the deal, helping the prosecution of several Bear Stearns executives of serious financial crimes.

But in the fallout of the Herald expose, the Justice Department has opened a fresh investigation into the plea deal, which might spell trouble for Acosta in the future. It must be noted, however, in defense of the administration that Acosta had successfully answered questions related to the plea deal during his confirmation hearings. 

Epstein’s explosive political connections in DC and abroad

The Democrats feature heavily in Epstein’s book of contacts, with the biggest fish of them all being former President Bill Clinton. There are even allegations that Clinton visited Epstein’s infamous mansion and private island, both of which are suspected sites of sex trafficking activity.

In fairness, there is no conclusive or damning evidence against Bill Clinton at the moment. But the cloud of suspicion above his head is far thicker than anything that is being leveled against Trump by the Democrats at the moment. According to Gawker reports,Epstein had at least twenty one different numbers and email addresses connected to Bill Clinton among his contacts. Bill Clinton is alleged to have flown to Epstein’s island at least twenty-six times on Epstein’s private jet. Bill Clinton and his team however put out a statement denying this and indicated that he had only been on that plane four times in all.

The most prominent overseas connection of Epstein worth noting here comes from British royalty. Prince Andrew, the third son of the British Queen, was reportedly a close friend of Epstein in the time during which the alleged crimes were committed. The Israeli politician and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak also had close ties with Epstein.

Epstein’s connections in Hollywood and the entertainment industry

The progressive elites in Hollywood are also coming under fire for their apparently deep ties with Epstein. Big name actors and directors like Kevin Spacey and Woody Allen (both incidentally caught in their own abuse scandals in the past) were known as close friends of the financier.

Many other Hollywood A-listers, including Ralph Fiennes, Dustin Hoffman, Courtney Love, Alec Baldwin, Chris Tucker, all had close ties of some sort with Epstein. Many of them reportedly flew on his private jet (infamously called the “Lolita Express”), attended parties at his properties, and were generally quite cozy with him, some even after the infamous trial of 2008.

The Jeffrey Epstein arrest might just be the tip of the iceberg

It is too early to tell if any of these individuals were criminally involved with Epstein. The financier had a massive social network, with literally hundreds of contacts among the elites in business, politics, and media.

Just because their names pop up in his notebook does not automatically imply that they were all pedophiles in cahoots with a monster. But given his clearly deep ties with the entertainment industry and the political establishment, it is quite reasonable to assume that at least a few powerful figures may have benefited from the sex racket run by Epstein.

This is why we can expect the media circus around the Jeffrey Epstein arrest to intensify in the future. It looks as if Epstein is finally getting what he deserves – now it remains to be seen if any other powerful individuals will get taken down in the process.

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