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The narrow way to a better banking system

Traditional banks borrow money and fail when they can’t repay. The result, as the Great Recession showed, is potential economic devastation requiring massive taxpayer bailouts.


Huawei : What is the Future of Huawei ?

Ren Zhengfei the founder and CEO of Huawei is a chairperson who must be under a lot of pressure to resolve issues facing the company he founded. Huawei the world’s largest telecommunications manufacturer and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones fell victim to the recent global trade tussle between the United States and China.

Trump achievements

13 Major Achievements of Donald Trump in 2018 

13 Major Achievements of Donald Trump in 2018  In his second year in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump accomplished a lot of positive things; more than what appears in the media. Much of the news media refuse to admit the achievements of Donald Trump’s presidency, completely ignoring them in favor of covering the controversies […]

Highlights of 2018

Highlights of 2018: This year’s most popular stories

Highlights of 2018: This Year’s most popular stories From politics to the economy to social movements, 2018 was a particularly eventful year. The highlights included the upheavals and controversies of President Trump’s administration, protests in England and France, and various disasters and tragedies. Here is a review of some of the headlines that captured the world’s attention during […]

US Market Crash

U.S. Market Crash : Plausible Causes & Effects

U.S. Market Crash : Plausible Causes & Effects In 2018, Christmas literally turned red for the Wall Street as the colors of indices changed in accordance to that of the festival. In just seven sessions from 13th December till 24th December, Dow Jones lost over 2800 points. While half of the financial community blamed the Trump administration […]

General Motors


GENERAL MOTORS’ FUTURE STRATEGY: AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS  One of the World’s largest automobile manufacturers, General Motors (GM), recently made headlines worldwide as it announced a major re-alignment in their production facilities. Grueling with the rising raw material costs on one hand and plunging sales of small & compact cars on the other, General Motors has announced […]

US China Trade war

USMCA: The New NAFTA is Finally Here

USMCA: The New NAFTA is Finally Here We are only a few of days removed from Sunday, September the 30th. On that date, it was announced that the United States, Mexico, and Canada had reached a new deal to replace the existing NAFTA agreement. The new deal will be known as the United States, Mexico, […]

US China Tariffs

U.S tariffs on China – what are the implications?

One of the most-covered issues currently in the news is on the heavy tariffs that the American government is putting on Chinese products being imported into the country. China has retaliated by placing substantial tariffs on U.S. products. But just what are the implications of these tariffs with regards to how they will affect the economies of both of these economic powerhouses? This article explores the pressing questions about this ongoing trade war between the two nations.