Chernobyl series review: The political cost of lies

Chernobyl is an HBO’s five parts miniseries that deals with the nuclear accident in the North of Ukraine, a state member of the USSR at its time. It focuses on the preceding hours of the worst incident of this nature in human history, the succeeding efforts of the Government officials to try to minimize the perception of the risk and on the rogue citizens that tried to deal with the problem for what it really was, a disaster that threatened all kind of life in the whole continent.

Trump Tax Returns

Justice Department sides with treasury on Trump Taxes

After the Democrats initiated the scandalous Russiagate that culminated with the Mueller report, which ended the witch-hunt and exonerated president Trump, the democrats are back on another fishing expedition, this time in a bid to save face; they are hunting for the president’s tax returns to make them public.


Huawei : What is the Future of Huawei ?

Ren Zhengfei the founder and CEO of Huawei is a chairperson who must be under a lot of pressure to resolve issues facing the company he founded. Huawei the world’s largest telecommunications manufacturer and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones fell victim to the recent global trade tussle between the United States and China.

Democrats Kamala Harris

Democratic Presidential Debates Review

The first round of the 2019 Democratic presidential debates painted a depressing picture for the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives and progressives alike should be concerned about the current trajectory of the Democratic party.


Mexico’s commitment to restrict Migrants

It is quite clear now that illegal migration into the United States from Mexico is an issue that has undoubtedly been close to President Donald Trump’s heart. On his campaign trail, one of his most elaborate policy agenda was on immigration. He made it the centerpiece of his  successful campaign.


President Trump Opponents : Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 elections

When President Donald Trump took charge of the economy, America’s gross domestic product was 1%. In two years and five months, the American economy is running at +3.2%. The economy that was destined to crash was brought back to life by President Trump’s super-efficient economic plan. No other President in American history was able to achieve what President Trump has achieved in just two years.