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College Admissions Scandal: How much for a college education? How much have you got?


It turns out that the cost of admission to elite colleges in the United States is really expensive if one is rich, white and has kids who aren’t very bright and are as motivated as a sloth on Dramamine.

Last week federal prosecutors charged 50 people in a college admissions scandal, including well-known actresses, prominent business people and college coaches in a criminal indictment with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud to get their under performing (read: lazy) kids into elite universities. I’m not clear what the difference between mail fraud and honest mail fraud is, I only know that the speed at which some postal service employees provide service borders on the criminal.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the FEC complaint, is she in trouble?


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez popularly known as AOC was only 28 years old when On November 6, 2018, she galvanized the left wing and stunned the Democratic establishment by defeating the ten-term incumbent Joe Crowley in the House of Representatives’ elections; making her the youngest members of the 116th United States Congress and the youngest congresswoman in United States history.

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NATO and Trump’s Administration: not so obsolete after all


NATO and Trump’s Administration: not so obsolete after all -By Ivana Martac The importance of transatlantic bond may not be the highest priority of current US administration, but at the same time, it is not entirely true that the current state of the transatlantic partnership is all gloomy at the moment. The purpose of this […]

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