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Detention Center

Democrats and the detention center

Recently more than a dozen Democratic Representatives among them Alexandria Ocasio Cortez visited two Texas border detention centers, one in El Paso, and the other one located in Clint. What followed the tour was a tirade of ridiculous allegations on Twitter.

Girl upset

Why Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Is Making Waves?

The sordid saga unfolding slowly in the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein arrest should not surprise anyone, however shocking its details are. This is was a media firestorm just waiting to happen, since at least 2008.


The narrow way to a better banking system

Traditional banks borrow money and fail when they can’t repay. The result, as the Great Recession showed, is potential economic devastation requiring massive taxpayer bailouts.


Schengen in Luxembourg: A tiny village that changed European travel

Blink, and you could pass through Europe’s smaller nations without realising. Take Luxembourg, which can be crossed by car in just over an hour at its widest point. Before you know it, you’ve popped out into the surrounding countries of France, Germany or Belgium, with only the eagle-eyed spying the border sign and the striped…


The 5 most unforgettable dining experiences on the Great Barrier Reef

Aside from its famed collection of vibrant coral and fish, the Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the country’s most memorable dining experiences.


Plan your trip to Outback Queensland with this handy guide

Once you dig below the surface you’ll find it’s easy to plan your trip to the Aussie Outback. Click purchase on that Akubra and read this handy guide.


New Zealand Tourism Weather, Seasons and Climate

Find out more about New Zealand weather patterns and learn more about typical temperatures for seasons. Find out what to wear for each climate.


Chernobyl series review: The political cost of lies

Chernobyl series review: The political cost of lies – By Jaime Luis Zapata Chernobyl is an HBO’s five parts miniseries that deals with the nuclear accident in the North of Ukraine, a state member of the USSR at its time. It focuses on the preceding hours of the worst incident of this nature in human history, the […]

Trump Tax Returns

Justice Department sides with treasury on Trump Taxes

After the Democrats initiated the scandalous Russiagate that culminated with the Mueller report, which ended the witch-hunt and exonerated president Trump, the democrats are back on another fishing expedition, this time in a bid to save face; they are hunting for the president’s tax returns to make them public.


Huawei : What is the Future of Huawei ?

Ren Zhengfei the founder and CEO of Huawei is a chairperson who must be under a lot of pressure to resolve issues facing the company he founded. Huawei the world’s largest telecommunications manufacturer and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones fell victim to the recent global trade tussle between the United States and China.

Democrats Kamala Harris

Democratic Presidential Debates Review

The first round of the 2019 Democratic presidential debates painted a depressing picture for the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives and progressives alike should be concerned about the current trajectory of the Democratic party.


Mexico’s commitment to restrict Migrants

It is quite clear now that illegal migration into the United States from Mexico is an issue that has undoubtedly been close to President Donald Trump’s heart. On his campaign trail, one of his most elaborate policy agenda was on immigration. He made it the centerpiece of his  successful campaign.


President Trump Opponents : Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 elections

When President Donald Trump took charge of the economy, America’s gross domestic product was 1%. In two years and five months, the American economy is running at +3.2%. The economy that was destined to crash was brought back to life by President Trump’s super-efficient economic plan. No other President in American history was able to achieve what President Trump has achieved in just two years.


Back to the future, factors contributing to IRAN tensions

The tension regarding Iran remains thick. The most recent news includes the US reinforcing bases in the Middle East, sending an aircraft carrier, and a B52 bomber squadron. General McKenzie commander of US forces in the region says Iran has taken a step back and reassessed its plans, but the danger remains and the tension with Iran didn’t arise overnight.

Mueller report

Mueller investigation: An investigation that originated with bias.

In May 2017, President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The President felt that the then FBI Director Comey was not handling the Clinton inquiry and the Russian interference into the 2016 Presidential Election suitably.

William Barr

Willian Barr : The most courageous and powerful man in America

The 85th United States Attorney General, William Barr, was confirmed by the Senate on February 14, 2019, upon President Donald Trump’s nomination on December 7, 2018.

Mueller Report

Mueller Final Statement Only Adds Fuel To The Impeachment Fire In Congress

Robert Mueller has finally stepped down from the post of Special Counsel, having failed to do any damage to the President despite trying hard for more than two years. Unable to find any evidence of collusion, he then sought to muddy the waters by refusing to clear the President on the obstruction of justice charge in his Final Report.

Theresa May

Theresa May Resigns – The Present and Future of Brexit

Even though it was Peter Wilding, the founder of Centre for British Influence Through Europe, an independent cross-party, pro-single market, foreign affairs think-tank market in the United Kingdom, who coined the word “Brexit”, it was Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who came up with slow Brexit.


Israel: Robust Restraint is the “Secret Sauce of Israel’s Success”

Israel is either being denounced in the UN General Assembly for Balkanizing Palestinians in the Gaza strip, being tainted by a warm relationship with the White House.


The Covington high school Lawsuits

On the 18thJanuary 2019, a video was posted online in what appeared to be Nicholas Sandmann a Covington Catholic high school student and his school mates mocking and harassing Nathan Phillips a native American elder as he sang and played the drum at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

racial diversity

Racial diversity on campuses : The Adversity-Diversity Tango

There is good news ahead for those college administrators who want to ensure they create the perfect racial diversity mix on college campuses.  While the specific use of race may not be used as a determining factor for college admissions, there are, shall we say, rules and then there are rules.

2020 Presidential elections

Why 2020 Elections will be a victory for the Republican President?

Another round of elections for President of the United States is less than 2 years away. Two years of Trump Administration have been followed by impeachment narrative and serious accusations, while some of his achievements have been left neglected. Despite the big win of Democrats in midterms 2018 and their recently established majority in House of Representatives, odds are that US people might opt for a Republican president in 2020 again. The article seeks to outline why a vote for a Republican serves the best interest of the country.


Jihadist terrorists strike Sri Lanka: political division and intelligence failure

By Jaime Luis Zapata On Easter Sunday morning, April 21, Jihadist terrorists attacked Sri Lanka in a series of coordinated actions that resulted in 253 people dead. The attacks were favored by religious fractionalization and a political division that led to a failure in intelligence and security services. This scenario was a structure of political […]

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Transgender athletes

Should Male-Born Transgender Athletes be Allowed to Compete on Girls Teams?

Should Male-Born Transgender Athletes be Allowed to Compete on Girls Teams? -By Kimberly Wylie It’s interesting how social advancements often lead to new social challenges. Case in point – Transgender participation in sports. Two recent events have surfaced in the news lately, although you won’t find mainstream media covering the transgender athletes, for some reason. […]

Democratic investigations

Democratic investigations bogged down by White House counter-offensives

Back in November when they retook the house, the Dems were full of bravado, threatening to rain fire and brimstone on the White House. After years in the political wilderness of the opposition, the Democrats in the Congress were eager to wield the power of house investigations to hurt their arch-nemesis in the White House, no matter the cost to the American citizen.

Middle East

What the Left Can’t Seem to Get Right About the Middle East

Like it or not,and unless you’re one of that recalcitrant 33% who believes that no good can come from a Trump administration,POTUS 45’s Middle East policy during his first two-plus years in office is proving to be tough, direct, and almost viscerally unerring.

Democratic candidates

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ The Pander Express

The population of Van Meter, Iowa is 1,016 which, as of this writing, is exactly the same as the number of Democrats who have declared they are running for president in 2020.It seems appropriate at this time to take a brief look at some of the leading Democrats in the very crowded field.

Tax Reforms

How has tax reforms affected the American citizen?

On the 22ndof December 2017, US President Donald Trump signed the Tax cuts and Jobs Act into law. It was the first time in over three decades that tax laws had changed significantly. The new laws maintained the number of tax brackets at seven.The law doubled the standard deduction, cut individual income tax rates and completely waived personal exemptions. The National Retail Federation (NRF) was working behind the scenes to support Washington lawmakers in passing the bill.The NRF was of the opinion that the new tax code would inspire investment and mitigate retailers of financial hardship. Retail analysts from Nomura/Instinet Equity Researchers in New York agreed that for the longest time, retailers had been paying the highest average corporate tax rates.

Wiki leaks CEO,Julian Assange

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange Behind Bars,Awaiting His Fate

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is in a British jail fighting extradition to the United States on charges of releasing hacked Democratic Party emails during the 2016 election campaign.

Sanctury City

Why Trump’s sanctuary cities plan is a step in the right direction

Illegal immigration is one area where successive administrations (both Republican and Democrat) have let the American people down. The Congress too has to shoulder part of the blame for this level of policy paralysis over decades.

Middle East

Middle East: The Left Can’t Seem to Get It Right

Like it or not,and unless you’re one of that recalcitrant 33% who believe that no good can come from a Trump administration,POTUS 45’s Middle East policy during his first two plus years in office is proving to be tough, direct, and almost viscerally unerring.


NATO at 70

NATO at 70 The most successful security intergovernmental organization turned 70 this April. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) provides security umbrella and protects from conventional and nuclear attacks geopolitical landscape that comprises North America, Western Europe, Baltics and partially Balkans. Out of 29 member states, two are world’s most important economies, three are permanent members […]

US Mexico Border Wall

Immigration emergency at the Southern border!

In the recent past, the United States has seen a huge influx in the numbers of immigrants mostly from central America reaching the southern border with the intention of illegally crossing into the country.

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Trump's Tax Returns

Why Democrats will lose big time in the fight for Trump Tax returns

With the Mueller Investigation literally blowing up in their faces in March, the Democrats are being driven to desperation. The momentum has swung sharply in favor of the GOP and Trump with the election just over a year away.


Democrats: No collusion, no problem , well just make it up

Democrats: No collusion, no problem , well just make it up -By Curtice Mang Remember back in 1986 when Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault in Chicago on TV? The program aired live on Chicago’s WGN and in syndication around the country.  He found nothing, except a couple of empty gin bottles and some dust, lots […]

Mexico Border wall

Trump Calls Off Plan to Close the Border

Trump Calls Off Plan to Close the Border -By Jim Owen President Trump, after vowing to close the southern border of the United States, now says the action is not necessary , at least for  the time being. The president explained that he changed his position on the border issue because Mexico had promised to be more aggressive in stopping undocumented immigrants […]


A Separate Justice,Jussie Smollett, ?and the American Moral Mosaic

It has almost become a cliche to observe that we have a sliding scale of justice in America, “The Land of the Free.” According to many studies, nearly 92% of the public believes that the criminal justice system needs fixing. The challenge comes as to which aspects truly need repair, which groups the uneven application of justice favors, and what can be done to rectify it.


ISIS, How did we get here?

ISIS, How did we get here? -By Morgan Deane President Donald Trump took a small victory lap via tweet last week when he reminded everybody that American backed forces cleared the last stronghold of ISIS. While this is a very important victory over utter barbarians, the problems that created them in the first place remain […]


Trump Renews Fight to Repeal Affordable Care Act

President Trump is again focusing on one of his promises during the 2016 campaign: to abolish the Affordable Care Act.

The legislation, commonly known as Obamacare, greatly expanded low-income and working-class Americans’ eligibility for Medicaid. More than 20 million additional people are now getting health insurance from private companies through the federal program.

Democrats vow to resist the administration’s efforts to end the ACA. Most of them favor making it even easier to qualify for the coverage, and some want to enact a “Medicare for all” system guaranteeing health insurance for everyone.

New zealand Shootings

The New Zealand Shootings & Nigerian Killings

The city of Christchurch in New Zealand, also referred to as Garden city is known for its beautiful parks, gardens and tree-lined streets. However, it recently became infamous for a horrific incident of mass murder.


Leadership and Brexit

Leadership and Brexit -By Morgan Deanne Brexit is making the news this week but the kind of chaos that we’ve seen has been building day by day over several years.  Why did they vote for Brexit? The causes of Brexit are relatively familiar for American conservatives, and many pundits and analysts compared the vote for […]


Does Freedom of Speech Have a Double Standard?

Does Freedom of Speech Have a Double Standard? -By Robert Joseph Ahola The PC Police Say Yes!  Freedom of speech can be a tricky thing, especially in the USA where we have come to take it for granted. It is, after all, a First Amendment right, and as long as we do not shout “fire” […]

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College Admissions Scandal: 50 people indicted

Operation Varsity Blues -By Kimberly Wylie On March 12, 2019, one of the largest scandals in American universities came to a head. Fifty people were indicted in a college admissions scheme on a scale never before known. Wealthy executives, famous actresses, top university coaches, and more all stand accused. The public is in an uproar […]

Facebook DOJ investigations

DoJ Investigations – Why Facebook Deserves To Face The Music

DoJ Investigations – Why Facebook Deserves To Face The Music There are several things wrong with the way Silicon Valley is functioning. Granted, it has been a beacon of economic growth and productivity in the US economy in recent years. The innovative and competitive spirit of the industry there has helped us maintain a technological […]


The Latest Brexit Votes: What Are Theresa May’s Options Now?

The Latest Brexit Votes: What Are Theresa May’s Options Now? The UK was supposed to leave the EU on March 29th, so this week marked the start of what was supposed to be Britain’s last two weeks in the EU. But with the British Parliament still torn in two, every proposed Brexit deal has been […]


Trump Vetoes Bill Rejecting His National Emergency

Trump Vetoes Bill Rejecting His National Emergency By Jim Owen President Trump is still fighting for his proposal to build a wall along the length of the U.S.-Mexico border, even though Congress voted to block his national emergency declaration to proceed with the project. On March 15, the president issued his first veto after more […]


College Admissions Scandal: How much for a college education? How much have you got?

College Admissions Scandal: How much for a college education? How much have you got -By Curtice Mang At long last, we now know the answer to this much asked question: How much does a college education cost? Answer: How much have you got? It turns out that the cost of admission to elite colleges in […]


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the FEC complaint, is she in trouble?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the FEC complaint, is she in trouble? -By Heather McDonald Alexandria Ocasio Cortez popularly known as AOC was only 28 years old when On November 6, 2018, she galvanized the left wing and stunned the Democratic establishment by defeating the ten-term incumbent Joe Crowley in the House of Representatives elections; making her […]


NATO and Trump’s Administration: not so obsolete after all

NATO and Trump’s Administration: not so obsolete after all -By Ivana Martac The importance of transatlantic bond may not be the highest priority of current US administration, but at the same time, it is not entirely true that the current state of the transatlantic partnership is all gloomy at the moment. The purpose of this […]

Anti Semitism

The Democratic Resolution Against Discrimination: What It Really Says About Anti-Semitism

The Democratic Resolution Against Discrimination: What It Really Says About Anti-Semitism The past week has seen the Democrats divided over a comment from freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar. After Omar made a comment condemning support for Israel, many picked up on anti-Semitic tropes in her words and previous tweets. But rather than responding to Omar’s comments, […]