Privacy policy

Privacy Policy, the RAREPOSTS web site is governed by this Privacy Policy. This policy explains the process of information collection from the users of this site along with the intended usage of the same.

Collection and Usage of the Information

Non-personally acquired information

The site makes use of small text files, called “Cookies”, to collect your information. These cookies serve a specific purpose of recognizing repeat users, facilitating the ongoing access and usage of the site by the user, providing ways by which the site can track usage behavior, and compiling the aggregate data to allow targeted marketing and content development. Every user is assigned a unique number by the cookies which has no relevance outside the periphery of the assigned site. In case you do not approve of the cookies to collect your personal information, you can make use of a simple procedure available in most browsers to either accept or deny the cookie feature; however, in order to view certain features of the site, cookies may act as a necessary evil.

Personally Acquired Information

Another method through which we collect your personal information is when you knowingly and specifically share such information on our site. Such information sharing may happen through all or some of the following mentioned interactions: (1) During the sign-up process while subscribing to a newsletter or a service (2) providing feedback to an online survey (3) submission of other suggestions or content.

In all the above instances, the information typically asked falls under all or some of the following categories: your complete name, email ID, contact digits, your business type, information regarding your product preferences, along with any such similar information which is required to subscribe or register you to an offer or service. Occasionally, we may even try to extract some additional information form you in exchange for providing access to certain other materials, services, and information.

We may use the personal information shared by you while using the site to offer products and services, to enhance your user experience, and, in some cases, to enhance your subscriber experience as well.

The user information can occasionally be used for notification purposes. Through such information, we can intimate users about upcoming special offers on various products and services. These intimations can be generated by the site directly and/or by the third parties. All notifications will be based on our understanding for your interest collected through cookies beforehand.

There can be instances wherein, we can either rent or sell user information to third parties. Also, if the required transfer of information to third parties can also happen. The above-mentioned transaction would only occur for data and transaction analysis. Third parties may also use the information to approach you with surveys, promotional assistance or other similar activities. Information share can also be used for advertisements and product promotions on the Site. If as a user, at any point in time, you wish to restrict the use of your personal information, it can be done easily. The user is advised to contact us and log a request to stop sharing of his/her information with any third party.

Contractors, vendors, consultants and suppliers (collectively, “Outside Contractors”) can be hired by us on requirement basis for providing specialized services on the site. Specialized services may include payment processing gateways, fraud screening algorithms, and other products. Due to the nature of such specific services and products, partial user information can be shared with these Outside Contractors as it would enable better services and experience to the user. The information shared is restricted to only essential details which are imperative for these Contractors to successfully carry out their function. As a safety net, we also emphasize to the contractors (i) personal user data must be protected along the lines of this Agreement, and (ii) contractors do not have rights to disclose any of the user information other than carrying out their function for the Site.

As a user, you are also advised to be aware of certain aspects of information sharing. If as a user, you voluntarily exchange any personal data with the third party via e-mail or any other medium, then such exchange is out of the controls of the Site. Post sharing your information directly with the third party, if you receive any kinds of unwanted messages or intimations, we will not be able to control it and cannot be held responsible for it.

Our Commitment to Data Security

We are fully committed to safeguarding user identity and take every step to protect and prevent any sort of unauthorized access to personal information. In order to provide the highest level of security, we have installed multiple physical and electronic barriers in the Site.

Despite all the steps taken towards ensuring that no user information is leaked, lost or misused by the third parties, there are risks involved in information transmission over the internet. Also, there are risks of lapses in security systems which can be evaded or breached. Hence as a user, it is necessary for you to understand these risks while sharing your details with the Site. You would also need to realize that even though the Site is completely committed to securing your information, we cannot provide any guarantee it while you transmit us the information, and if you choose to do so then do it at your own risk.


In case you wish to stop receiving promotional communications forwarded either by us or by our outside contractors you may get in touch with our Manager for Information Privacy at the below-mentioned address. However, it must be noted that if you wish to opt-out of the promotional services for which you had earlier opted-in, it will have an effect only on your future contacts; the information previously shared with the Third Parties will continue to remain with them.

Even if you have opted-out of our promotional services, we may still be able to contact you with regards to an event represented by RAREPOSTS that is deemed necessary as per our sole discretion. We reserve all rights related to any request placed by you for the products and services of the RAREPOSTS. Such rights would also cover any future changes made to this Privacy Policy or other matters that hold relevance to the information collected by us.

Correcting Information

As a subscriber, you are responsible for providing information accurately at the time of purchases or while registering anywhere on the Site. This shall be true for any functions that may require you to submit personally identifiable information to the Site. If you wish to make changes or correct any personal information, you are required to contact our Information Privacy Manager at the address below.

How To Contact Us

If you would like to contact us for any reason regarding our privacy practices, we can be reached easily by sending an e-mail to us at the following address:


Changes To The Privacy Policy

The current Privacy Policy is active from February 26th, 2014 and would be considered as active until changes are not made to it. The Site alone holds the right to change this Privacy Policy. Changes to the policy can be made at any time and the users would be notified accordingly. We may notify you by posting a notice on the Site itself or can contact the user through electronic mail or other means deemed fit by us. If you continue to use the Site after the changes to the Privacy Policy have been made, your usage will be considered as an acceptance of the changes.

In case You Do Not Agree To The Terms Of This Privacy Policy?

As a subscriber to the Site, or otherwise by using the Site, you will be considered to be in agreement to the Privacy Policy. If in any form you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, we request you to either unsubscribe from the Site or stop using it for any purposes.