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Chernobyl series review: The political cost of lies

Chernobyl is an HBO’s five parts miniseries that deals with the nuclear accident in the North of Ukraine, a state member of the USSR at its time. It focuses on the preceding hours of the worst incident of this nature in human history, the succeeding efforts of the Government officials to try to minimize the perception of the risk and on the rogue citizens that tried to deal with the problem for what it really was, a disaster that threatened all kind of life in the whole continent.


Jihadist terrorists strike Sri Lanka: political division and intelligence failure

On Easter Sunday morning, April 21, Jihadist terrorists attacked Sri Lanka in a series of coordinated actions that resulted in 253 people dead. The attacks were favored by religious fractionalization and a political division that led to a failure in intelligence and security services. This scenario was a structure of political opportunity for an already well-established terror platform that combined support networks, wealthy coordinators and executors, local and international connections, and an efficient mixture of material and human resources. In this report, we give you a summarized account of what happened, the domestic political factors that favored the attacks, and an analysis of the actors, connections, and networks needed for the disastrous result.

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Maduro’s dictatorship

Maduro’s dictatorship continues in Venezuela

With repression and evasive actions, Maduro’s dictatorship continues in Venezuela -By Jaime Luis Zapata Since our last post about the Venezuelan crisis, things have evolved rather quickly. An eventful breaking point was the humanitarian aid standoff on February 23. International donors, among them the United States and Canada, sent aid to help around 300,000 Venezuelans […]