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If you were to pick one recurring theme among the political left today, it would have to be socialism. With the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth last October, socialism is the new fad – the new “cool kids club.” In fact, Millennials today are increasingly in favor of socialism over capitalism. Socialism – everyone’s doing it! – By Kimberly Wylie However, does the average person on the street, especially those who are younger, who have only read about bread lines in Russia in textbooks and may not even remember that Berlin was once divided by a wall, really have…

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    • Vilma Maldonado-Reyes
    • March 15, 2019

    Public schools, are not bad. NYC, has had very good teachers, it is the parents who do not show up every time school officials ask them to meet on parents nights. This was my experience working at PS 165 in NYC Teachers should take workshops to find text books, in order to advance knowledge. It does not mean that old concepts are outmoded. The USA Social Security system is working good.

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