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Detention Center

Democrats and the detention center

Recently more than a dozen Democratic Representatives among them Alexandria Ocasio Cortez visited two Texas border detention centers, one in El Paso, and the other one located in Clint. What followed the tour was a tirade of ridiculous allegations on Twitter. AOC claimed that she saw detainees’ drinking water from a toilet and further claimed she had felt unsafe from the detention center officers who were laughing and ridiculing members of Congress.


Mexico’s commitment to restrict Migrants

It is quite clear now that illegal migration into the United States from Mexico is an issue that has undoubtedly been close to President Donald Trump’s heart. On his campaign trail, one of his most elaborate policy agenda was on immigration. He made it the centerpiece of his  successful campaign.

Sanctury City

Why Trump’s sanctuary cities plan is a step in the right direction

Why Trump’s sanctuary cities plan is a step in the right direction -By Preetam Kaushik Illegal immigration is one area where successive administrations (both Republican and Democrat) have let the American people down. The Congress too has to shoulder part of the blame for this level of policy paralysis over decades. One of the worst […]

US Mexico Border Wall

Immigration emergency at the Southern border!

In the recent past, the United States has seen a huge influx in the numbers of immigrants mostly from central America reaching the southern border with the intention of illegally crossing into the country. Most of the migrant caravans some numbering to over 3000 men, women and children originate from countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El-Salvador and only grow bigger as they approach the US Mexico border.

Mexico Border wall

Trump Calls Off Plan to Close the Border

Trump Calls Off Plan to Close the Border -By Jim Owen President Trump, after vowing to close the southern border of the United States, now says the action is not necessary – at least for  the time being. The president explained that he changed his position on the border issue because Mexico had promised to be more aggressive in stopping undocumented immigrants […]


Trump Vetoes Bill Rejecting His National Emergency

Trump Vetoes Bill Rejecting His National Emergency By Jim Owen President Trump is still fighting for his proposal to build a wall along the length of the U.S.-Mexico border, even though Congress voted to block his national emergency declaration to proceed with the project. On March 15, the president issued his first veto after more […]

Capitol Building

Trump National Emergency for Border Wall Faces Opposition

Trump National Emergency for Border Wall Faces Opposition By Jim Owen President Trump is fighting an uphill battle to persuade Congress to agree with him on the need for a national emergency to build a border wall. After lawmakers refused to provide the funding he requested for a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico boundary, Trump announced he was using his […]

National Emergency

Trump Declares National Emergency

Trump Declares National Emergency By Jim Owen President Trump has invoked a national emergency as a way to fund construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He resorted to using the executive power after being frustrated in his attempts to persuade Congress to allocate the money required for the wall. A budget bill crafted by a House-Senate […]

border wall

Trump, Democrats Still at Impasse Over Border Wall

Trump, Democrats Still at Impasse Over Border Wall -By Jim Owen President Trump and congressional Democrats continue to debate whether to include border wall funding in legislation to keep the government operating. The two sides agreed last month to a temporary solution, without any money for the wall, that reopened a number of federal departments following a record-setting 35-day shutdown. However, […]

Government Shutdown

President pushes for resolution, Pelosi opts for evasion, blames Him for Shutdown

President pushes for resolution, Pelosi opts for evasion, blames Him for Shutdown 2019 started with a seesaw game between the US President and the Democrat party. On one end, the President continued to come up with new deals to end the shutdown, on the other end Nancy Pelosi kept giving excuses to avoid him altogether. […]