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Back to the future, factors contributing to IRAN tensions

The tension regarding Iran remains thick. The most recent news includes the US reinforcing bases in the Middle East, sending an aircraft carrier, and a B52 bomber squadron. General McKenzie commander of US forces in the region says Iran has taken a step back and reassessed its plans, but the danger remains and the tension with Iran didn’t arise overnight.

Theresa May

Theresa May Resigns – The Present and Future of Brexit

Even though it was Peter Wilding, the founder of Centre for British Influence Through Europe, an independent cross-party, pro-single market, foreign affairs think-tank market in the United Kingdom, who coined the word ‘Brexit’, it was Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who came up with ‘slow Brexit’.


Israel: Robust Restraint is the “Secret Sauce” of Israel’s Success

Israel is either being denounced in the UN General Assembly for Balkanizing Palestinians in the Gaza strip, being tainted by a warm relationship with the White House.


ISIS, How did we get here?

ISIS, How did we get here? -By Morgan Deane President Donald Trump took a small victory lap via tweet last week when he reminded everybody that American backed forces cleared the last stronghold of ISIS. While this is a very important victory over utter barbarians, the problems that created them in the first place remain […]


Does Freedom of Speech Have a Double Standard?

Does Freedom of Speech Have a Double Standard? -By Robert Joseph Ahola … The PC Police Say “Yes!”   Freedom of speech can be a tricky thing, especially in the USA where we have come to take it for granted. It is, after all, a First Amendment right, and as long as we do not shout “fire” in […]

Green deal

Socialism ​: everyone’s doing it!

If you were to pick one recurring theme among the political left today, it would have to be socialism. With the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth last October, socialism is the new fad – the new “cool kids club.” In fact, Millennials today are increasingly in favor of socialism over capitalism. Socialism – everyone’s […]

Democratic investigations

Minority communities: Is Trump doing more than other Presidents?

Minority communities: Is Trump doing more than other Presidents? – By Heather McDonald On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States in a stunning repudiation of the establishment. The thrice-married Manhattan businessperson and reality television stars election was a shocker to skeptics and leftists. His tenure has […]

Congress Agenda

116th US Congress: Agenda and Roadblocks

116th USCongress: Agenda and Roadblocks The new year came along with a new set of legislative gridlocks for the U.S. as the 116th Congress started with no single party being able to gain control in both the chambers. Both chambers of the Congress assembled on January 3 with the House of Representatives under the control […]

Trump achievements

13 Major Achievements of Donald Trump in 2018 

13 Major Achievements of Donald Trump in 2018  In his second year in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump accomplished a lot of positive things; more than what appears in the media. Much of the news media refuse to admit the achievements of Donald Trump’s presidency, completely ignoring them in favor of covering the controversies […]

Highlights of 2018

Highlights of 2018: This year’s most popular stories

Highlights of 2018: This Year’s most popular stories From politics to the economy to social movements, 2018 was a particularly eventful year. The highlights included the upheavals and controversies of President Trump’s administration, protests in England and France, and various disasters and tragedies. Here is a review of some of the headlines that captured the world’s attention during […]