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Mueller report

Mueller investigation: An investigation that originated with bias.

In May 2017, President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. The President felt that the then FBI Director Comey was not handling the Clinton inquiry and the Russian interference into the 2016 Presidential Election suitably.

William Barr

Willian Barr : The most courageous and powerful man in America

The 85th United States Attorney General, William Barr, was confirmed by the Senate on February 14, 2019, upon President Donald Trump’s nomination on December 7, 2018.

Mueller Report

Mueller Final Statement Only Adds Fuel To The Impeachment Fire In Congress

Robert Mueller has finally stepped down from the post of Special Counsel, having failed to do any damage to the President despite trying hard for more than two years. Unable to find any evidence of collusion, he then sought to muddy the waters by refusing to clear the President on the obstruction of justice charge in his Final Report.


Democrats: No collusion, no problem – well just make it up

Democrats: No collusion, no problem – well just make it up -By Curtice Mang Remember back in 1986 when Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault in Chicago on TV? The program aired live on Chicago’s WGN and in syndication around the country.  He found nothing, except a couple of empty gin bottles and some dust, lots […]

Mueller investigation

Democrats ​: Did we say collusion?

Democrats: Did we say collusion? We meant… –By Curtice Mang This week the House Judiciary Committee initiated an investigation into alleged misdeeds by President Donald Trump. The committee requested documents from 81 individuals, including family, business associates and members of his administration.  They will subpoena, if necessary. The timing is interesting, given that the Mueller […]

Mueller investigation

Mueller Investigation: Why is everyone setting low expectations on the outcomes?

Mueller Investigation: Why is everyone setting low expectations on the outcomes? On May 17th, 2017, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Mueller as the special council tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mueller’s investigation was started to look for links between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. And […]


McCabe’s Revelations: A Brazen Cashgrab Attempt, And Proof Of Treason?

McCabe’s Revelations: A Brazen Cashgrab Attempt, And  Proof Of Treason?  When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, it came as a rude shock to many deluded progressives. This vocal group of anti-Trumpers would like to see nothing more than the fall of the Trump Presidency, by fair means or foul. In 2016, […]


Well & Truly A “Nothingburger” – The Indictment Of Roger Stone By The Mueller Investigation

Well & Truly A “Nothingburger” – The Indictment Of Roger Stone By The Mueller Investigation  – ByPreetam Kaushik Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent the last 20 months futilely trying to connect President Trump with charges of collusion. On the way, he has had some success in forcing notable members of the Trump team to go […]


Judge Extends Russia-Trump Investigation Another Six Months

Judge Extends Russia-Trump Investigation Another Six Months -By Jim Owen Rumors that the Russia-Trump investigation would end soon proved to be false last week, when a federal judge granted a six-month extension for the probe. Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller asked for more time to conclude his work. The 18-month period established for the investigation ended on […]

James Comey

James Comey Congressional Testimony – Part 3

We’ve looked at the extreme in the Strzok-Page testimony Comey provided. Did he know? While Comey insists “he didn’t know” almost more than giving actual answers, his position debases what a director of the FBI should know about people reporting to him and preparing press conferences on what turned into the biggest case in Comey’s […]