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Please go through this page carefully. When you use this site you automatically agree to follow all the Terms and Conditions. We have full right to make changes to these Terms at any time; hence, it is advisable to go through this page every time you use this site.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Warranties

This site is only aimed as a research and reference tool. The Site cannot give guarantees to its users that the information and data provided here will be error-free, although we make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information and data provided is accurate and latest. The entire responsibility would be of the user in case of any risk arising from your use of and reliance upon the contents of this site.

All the references and links of the products and services available on the Site belong to a third party. Any information provided for your convenience does not represent our endorsement of such products or services. Materials such as comments posted in chat groups, bulletin boards or other forms accessible or added to this site by third parties are strictly the responsibility of third parties. We neither endorse nor control, monitor or edit such material and hence do not hold any responsibility towards it.

You may NOT upload or submit materials, or data to Rareposts.com which fall in the following categories:

  • materials which are obscene, racially or sexually offensive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, invasive of others’ privacy, or otherwise unlawful
  • contain any harmful computer code such as any kind of viruses or any other form of malicious software
  • any content, statement or material which as per our judgment has the effect of disrupting others’ use of Rareposts.com.

The term “Unlawful” mentioned above means, violation of any criminal or civil laws, without limitation and also includes the use of proprietary materials owned by others which are in form of text and audio-visual material which are already protected by copyrights. Copyrights such as logos, trademarks and use of the name or likeness of persons living or dead are also included in the overall meaning.

Without our prior written consent, you should NOT use Rareposts.com for advertising of any service or product. You agree that Rareposts.com has the final right, but not the obligation, to delete any content that you submit or upload to the site that violates these guidelines or any of the terms of this Agreement. Rareposts.com does not have the ability or the intention to pre-screen or edit every statement, data, and material submitted or posted to the site by you or third parties.

Consequently, as a user, you provide your consent to the fact that Rareposts.com is not liable to either you or any other third party for data posted on the site and as well as any statements or materials posted to the site. The Site is also not to be held responsible for the removal of any material which as per us is in direct or indirect violation of this Privacy Policy.

In terms of availability, the Site is expected to be accessible to genuine permitted users all the time, but this expectation should not be considered as our guarantee. We cannot be held liable for any kind of delay or interruption caused in the accessing the Site, be it temporary or for longer durations if the issue is caused due to any technical fault or circumstantial event which is beyond our control.

If as a user, there are issues in accessing certain products, we advise you to contact us directly so that alternative arrangements can be made for the delivery of such product. This is to verify that the Site and its contents are provided as they were meant to be.

We should not be held responsible for any guarantee given on the Site directly or otherwise by any of the third party. Nor do we provide any assurance of quality of any product or service. This disclaimer is pertaining to any information accessed or contained in the Site. This also implies all the information which can be derived from the Site as well.

We are not liable to interruption or damage to a computer, laptop or any other device used for browsing the Site. We are also not liable to pay any form of compensation in case of any software damage either. RAREPOSTS does not in any way endorse any of the products or services available on its Site nor do we represent anybody specifically.

The Site does not claim to help any user in achieving any form of specific results be it legal, economic, education, or otherwise. In an event of data loss or loss in profits due to the use of the Site, we cannot be held accountable and thus cannot be forced to provide any kind of refunds, returns or compensations. If due to any unseen limitations which may or may not arise in the future and causes this disclaimer to seize, our liability will be limited. If such a scenario comes, you agree that we are only liable to return the total fees paid by you to us in exchange of your access rights to the Site and/or does not extend to the cost of products or services that you may have purchased.

Copyrights and Trademarks

As a collective work, the entire site is copyrighted, and any available individual work accessible through the web site likewise falls under copyright protection. You must agree to honor the selection, arrangement and coordination of content on the site as copyrighted material along with any other work available or accessible through the site. Additionally, the trade address and trademarks owned by us or the outside contractors are also accessible through the site. The permission provided by us for you to access all the material on this site does not authorize you to reproduce the same for any purpose.

When you submit any material on the site, such as when you comment on a bulletin board or a chat group or send us any form of message like an e-mail, you are automatically granting a non-exclusive license to us by means of which we can reproduce, distribute, create, display and modify such material. We can even make use of the fact of your authorship of such material for marketing purposes. We can also exercise the right to remove material submitted by outside contractors.

Termination of Site or its Access

We have the right to discontinue the site at any time or to make changes to the content provided therein, as well as denying site access to any person who gives us enough reason to believe that he may use the contents of the site for any unauthorized or unlawful purpose with an intention to harm us.


The agreement stated above falls under the governance of the State of California and USA, with any disregard to the chosen law principles.

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